mackerel sky.
It's funnier in Enochian.
Помимо Дианны, в касте этого финансового триллера задействованы Frank Grillo (“Prison Break”) , Minnie Driver (“Good Will Hunting”), John Leguizamo (“Gossip Girl”), Ed Westwick (“Gossip Girl”) и Maggie Q (“Nikita”). Фильм написал и срежиссировал Aram Rappaport ("Syrup"). Съемки прошли в Чикаго.

Сюжет фильма разворачивается примерно через пять лет (в будущем): An ex-Wall Street businessman is tasked by the Secretary of the Treasury with saving the American economy from a cyber attack: With the help of his wife, he recruits his rag tag team of misfits, and prepares to save the world from total financial implosion.
The title seems to suggest it’ll have some connection to a real life conspiracy that’s linked to a secret meeting US Senators had with Wall Street bigwigs on the Georgian resort island Jekyll Island in the year 1910. The meeting is theorized by the crazies to have led to the Federal Reserve System.

Персонажа Дианны в “Conspiracry on Jekyll Island” зовут Amelia Rhondart. Пока что известно только то, что она ездит на мотоцикле.

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